What is Jetmat?

  • Jetmat is an automatic, multifunction walking surface integrated into the flooring of entrances. Upon contact with shoe soles or vehicle tires the emission of cleaning impulses of hight pressure water, steam and air: cleans, disinfects, and dries the contacting surface. The 3-step process substantially decreases risk of contamination and prevents filth entering the indoor space on floor level. The third (drying) step could even be scented.
  • Jetmat uses more than 1500/square meter hydrodynamically operating injectors without electricity required. The structure of the technology supports multiple tons of weight and is perfectly suitable for car tire cleaning. Jetmat has a Lightning fast (0.01sec) responsiveness making it virtually impossible to run or rapidly drive through it without activating the cleaning processes.
  • Jetmat is compatible with any cleaning and / or disinfecting agent and can emit them in the form of a solution. Additionally, the system will be equipped with a self-cleaning and diagnosing system that immediately notifies our team in case of defects.
  • Jetmat is patented internationally

How Jetmat can improve your cleaning systems?

  • Unlike other cleaning systems, the effectiveness and efficiency of the smart floor scales perfectly with the increase of traffic passing through. The technology is constantly ready regardless of staff shifts or available labour.
  • The targeted cleaning significantly reduces water and detergent consumption and does not use electricity for operation. Overall, Jetmat is an environmentally friendly technology promoting sustainable cleanliness.
  • The preventive system cuts cleaning costs to a fraction and cleaning efforts are maintained at reasonable levels. Due to reduced surface contamination the life-expectancy of floor coverings rises. Slipping related accidents are also less likely to happen.

What’s coming?

  • The technology has the potential to be further tailored and improved to client needs, including valuable data collection regarding the contamination exposure, weak spots, walking habits and so on.
  • The product will be introduced to the market via an operating lease business model. There is no investment burden on the buyer, no costs of installation and no responsibility to maintain the product. All that will be taken care of by the Jetmat team.
  • In many industries preventive systems such as Jetmat will be in dire need because hygiene is of increasing value. Our clients will just enjoy the sustainable cleanliness with no hassle.