Responsibilities and Business Model

  • Invest Straight manages investments surrounding the cleanliness technology called JETMAT®, which includes private equity, licensing- and manufacturing rights as well as pre-orders. As of this moment all aspects of our business offers investment opportunities.
  • Invest Straight Ltd administers the European Licence rights for the Jetmat ( technology, including the establishment of manufacturing capacity in Hungary to serve the European market.
  • The core of our business model is long-term rental combined with a full-service package to ensure operational continuity. Our comfort services are thus made available without investment constraints, at monthly rental rates that are easy to book and provide a favourable return on investment. Our customers can enjoy all the comforts of hygiene, safety and sustainable cleanliness without any worries.
  • We offer our customers a comprehensive service package that includes the design, installation, commissioning, operation of the technology, monitoring, and maintenance as well as data packages obtained from the operation of the Jetmat at the customers location. We provide these services under a lease agreement that removes investment burden from customers and facilitates accounting of the cleaning costs. 

Licensing and Know-how

  • The patent in force protecting the Jetmat grants exclusive manufacturing and marketing rights in several countries (EU / US / BR / MX / IL / RU / UA / IN / CN / JP / KR / MY / PH / ID / AU / NZ ).
  • Investstraight is responsible for establishment of a manufacturing and assembly plant in Hungary to serve the European market. In the meantime, in order to accelerate the international market introduction, we are offering Licence rights for distant countries in international markets to investors planning to invest in the respective target countries.
  • The purchase price of the Licence will vary from country to country. However, the conditions for purchasing a Licence and the requirements for exploitation are very similar.
  • The Know-How includes the design plans relevant for series production, guaranteeing the preferred technical feasibility. It describes precisely and in detail the complete technical conditions for high-quality mass production of the technology.
  • The sale of the Know-How is the responsibility of Invest Straight Kft. The Licence rights, together with the Know-How, provide a market exploitation licence and technological know-how that puts an exceptional business opportunity in the hands of investors. To ensure a fast and successful international market launch, we have also ensured the development of a beneficial business model to support the market launch. Expected quick return on investment and additional indirect benefits will support a successful market launch.


  • A hygienically clean environment is valued in almost every aspect of life. Our hygiene-safety expectations are increasing, while we want to keep our habits and freedom of movement unrestricted. We are ready to offer partnerships with professional media professionals to maintain effective communication successfully with everyday people and market players.
  • We have several supplier positions to offer. A significant proportion of these are injection moulded parts for engineering plastics with high quality requirements. The operational reliability of our technology is of paramount importance, so we expect the highest supplier quality, which we reward with an exceptionally beneficial business partnership in the long term.
  • We are looking to implement a complete cleanliness technology service, for which we are building a team of experts. We are looking for experienced market partners with experience in manual and semi-automatic (later more automatic) assembly. We are willing to outsource assembly tasks in the spirit of partnership. This of course has a high-quality expectation system, but we have all the necessary information to ensure that assembly proceeds at an excellent pace.
  • We want new modern buildings to be equipped with the capacity for more sustainable cleanliness at the design stage. We offer collaboration opportunities for architectural design and engineering firms interested in our technological innovation, in the spirit of sustainable strategic partnership. Be among the first designers to understand and use our automated cleanliness protection system.  Design buildings whose lasting cleanliness is beyond doubt.